Seal coating new asphalt can double the life of the asphalt.

Seal Coating

Seal Coating & Line Striping at Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare
Milk Source seal coating parking lot in De Pere, Wisconsin
Seal Coating & Line Striping at School House
Seal Coating & Line Striping at Wally's Spot Supper Club
Seal Coating & Line Striping at Home Town Cafe
Seal Coating & Line Striping at Promotional Designs, Inc
Seal Coating & Line Striping at Nicolet Bank
Seal Coating & Line Striping at Bay Motel & Family Restaurant


Sealer acts as a sunblock, minimizing the oxidation caused by the sun. The seal coating forms a tough protective “outer skin,” blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This will assist in keeping the flexible properties of the asphalt from drying out which causes cracking and early deterioration.

Sealing asphalt surfaces will also help to prevent water penetration and the deteriorating effects of oil, gas and chemical spills.

The jet black finish of the sealer not only provides a new appearance, it will also assist with the melting of snow and ice.

All surfaces to be sealed must be thoroughly cleaned for proper adhesion. The surface must be dry and air temperatures are to be at a minimum of 50 degrees. The sealer will surface dry in a few short hours, however, newly sealed surfaces should be allowed to cure for 18 hours before being opened up to traffic.

There are manufacturer specifications that must be followed when mixing a batch of sealer. The proper amount of sand must be added…this provides the wearing surface. We now exclusively use only Poly-tar sealer that is not cut back with water like sealers of old. This product is an asphalt emulsion sealer that will make a deeper black surface, assist in a quicker drying time, and add to the life of the seal coat. Asphalt emulsion sealers contain no cancer causing carcinogens like coal tar. Government projects as well as cities, towns and schools require that only asphalt emulsion sealers are to used. It also doesn’t have the strong smell of coal tar sealers.

Our professional staff will edge, if needed, the areas to be sealed to assure that no grass or weeds are present. They will thoroughly clean the surface with the use of power blowers and brooms to be sure that all dirt and debris are removed. They will also pretreat any major oil or chemical spills prior to sealing to minimize any “bleed through”.

AC Asphalt uses only products that meet or exceed Federal specifications.