Catch basins remain a constant area requiring repair. This is due to our freeze-thaw cycles, which cause the basin to heave or settle.

Catch Basin Repair

Often times, these repairs can be corrected easily with the removal or addition of an adjustment ring. These rings will bring them back to the proper elevation to allow for proper drainage.

If the asphalt around the basin becomes cracked or broken, we will often times sawcut, remove and replace the asphalt around the basin to remove the damaged area. There are occasions when the asphalt is either heaved or settled and the water does not drain properly. The use of a Infra-red treatment should never be used especially on catch basin repairs. These repairs do not expose the problem that caused the damage thus eliminating the ability to correct base, adjustment ring, cracked laterals, or washout voids. This procedure also burns (eliminates) asphalt cement out of the original material making it more apt to deteriorate at a faster than normal rate.

If a basin has completely failed and a new basin is required, we must rely on the assistance of a licensed sewer contractor to repair or replace.