Family, not subcontractors, on every asphalt job

When you contract with family-owned AC Asphalt Specialists, you’re contracting with the real deal. We do every aspect of asphalt installation and repair ourselves – with our own equipment. We don’t rely on subcontractors like our competition often does, sometimes without your knowledge.

200 years combined experience

family owned asphalt company

You can be assured the A Team is on every job. Our employees have an estimated 200 years of combined experience paving and maintaining asphalt parking lots, feed pads, and driveways. It’s why our company’s name is AC Asphalt Specialists, not AC Asphalt Novices.

Family-owned asphalt company

Unlike other contractors in Northeast Wisconsin, AC Asphalt Specialists provides both paving and maintenance services. Many of our competitors do one or the other, and they hire a subcontractor to perform the work they can’t handle. We take pride in being a one-stop shop for all of your asphalt needs:

Questions to ask before hiring a contractor

When choosing an asphalt company, it’s smart to ask your contractor who will perform the work. You should also ask how the work will be performed, what equipment will be used, and other details related to your specific job. Before selecting an asphalt contractor ask for:

  • References
  • Proof of liability, vehicle, and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Warranty information
  • A written bid with a site plan and satellite images

Knowledgeable asphalt company

AC Asphalt Specialists’ co-owner Tom Snider makes site visits and prepares many of the bids for the company. He’s not just some guy with a wheel measuring the distance between Point A and Point B. With decades of experience, Tom sees things that others miss, like tree branches that will be in the way, or a cul-de-sac where the trucks can’t turn around and instead will have to back up a quarter mile.

Family on every job

Tom was 17 when he worked on his first asphalt crew in Minneapolis, and at age 70, he’s still on the job. Tom isn’t the only Snider working for the company. At one time, 8 family members were on the team. A family member has been on every job since AC Asphalt Specialists opened in 1988. Tom says family is the core strength of the company, so it makes sense that family is what you’ll find on each job. Not subcontractors.

About Us: “Specialists by Reputation,” AC Asphalt is a locally owned and family operated asphalt maintenance and installation company serving residential and commercial customers in Northeast Wisconsin.