Truck & Trailer: Does the asphalt company you hire have these?

truck & trailer AC asphalt improves efficiency AC Asphalt Specialists has a truck and trailer, and what a tremendous difference they make in our ability to serve our customers. Efficiency is the key. Instead of taking 2 trucks, 2 trailers, and 2 pieces of equipment, we now take just 1 truck and 1 trailer but still deliver 2 pieces of equipment. That’s a plus.

The new equipment allows us to extend our reach beyond the Greater Green Bay area. Before purchasing the truck and trailer, we would send out a crew to prep a driveway or parking lot and then drive back to the shop and switch the equipment over for paving. With the new truck and trailer, we can bring out the paving equipment on our first visit. We can move everything to the jobsite and do the job much more efficiently.

Now when we’re grading, even if it’s an hour-long round trip, we’ll have trucks running for mix. By the time the trucks get back, we’ll have it graded, prepped, and ready to go all in one day. That’s a savings on payroll and time, which makes it more cost effective for the customer, too.

“Every time we buy a piece of equipment it’s with ‘saving time and back’ in mind,” said AC Asphalt Specialists owner Tom Snider. “We have the same amount of people working with us today as we did 10 years ago, and we produce twice as much.”

Sure, employees have gotten better with experience, but the equipment is much better, too. Trucks now haul 23 ton instead of 12, and trailers also haul more weight and more equipment.

Today’s machinery is hydraulic, computerized, and state-of-the-art, so we can provide our customers with the finest in:

AC Asphalt Specialists grader
To better serve our customers, AC Asphalt Specialists purchased this grader for 2018.
    • Asphalt paving and repair
    • Seal coating
    • Line striping 
    • Crack filling 
    • Pothole patching
    • Target milling and planing
    • Catch basin repair

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About Us: “Specialists by Reputation,” AC Asphalt is a locally owned and family operated asphalt maintenance and installation company serving residential and commercial customers in Northeast Wisconsin.