Parking lot repair: The dos, don’ts, whys, what ifs, and be carefuls

Target milling outperforms infrared repair
Target milling outperforms infrared repair, as seen in this side-by-side comparison of parking lots of adjacent businesses. Cracks return when you use infrared repair. We saw cut and remove deteriorating blacktop and install a new layer of asphalt. The repair lasts for years.
Here’s the dilemma

The parking lot at your business is in good shape, except for one section where the asphalt is worn out. The blacktop in this section is cracked and susceptible to puddles. You don’t want to resurface the entire parking lot. That gets expensive and disrupts the flow of customers to your doorstep. Can you get by with just repairing that one bad section? You’re in luck! The solution to your problem is target milling, a process in which just one area is targeted for repairs.

What do some competitors do?

Some of our competitors use an infrared repair system. They heat the deteriorated asphalt to make it pliable, rake it so you can’t see the cracks, and re-roll it. We’ll bet you the cracks will show up again in 6 months. This repair won’t last for years. Instead, you’ll be looking at making a series of infrared repairs year after year. It’s just a waste of money.

Here’s what we do

We section off the area where the asphalt has deteriorated and use special equipment to pulverize the top two inches of the asphalt in this section. Then we clean the surface and apply a tack coat to act as “glue.” Lastly, we install a new layer of surface-grade hot mix asphalt to the full depth of the milled area. This repair will last for years.

Be careful

Think twice before you go with infrared repair, because we’ve seen the results and they’re not pretty. Target milling is a much better option. Instead of heating and drying out the existing asphalt with infrared heat, target milling allows us to repair the surface, leaving behind a fresh, long-lasting layer of asphalt. Target milling is not only the most effective method of repair, it’s also competitively priced. Milling and paving cost the same or less than infrared treatments, depending on the size of the targeted area and the number of repairs required.

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