Equipment reputable enough to bear the logo of AC Asphalt

AC Asphalt owns top rated equipment and trucksWhen AC Asphalt Specialists works on your jobs, you will see our logo on trucks and equipment. What does that tell you? Hey, we own it! We invested a lot of money in our trucks, pavers, and equipment we use to serve our residential and commercial clients. The photos on our website are a true reflection of the top-of-the-line asphalt maintenance and installation equipment we use on every job.

Compare these photos to photos found on some of our competitors’ websites. Their websites show images of expensive equipment they only wish they owned. That fancy equipment isn’t theirs, and it’s not what their customers will see when our competitors go to a work site.

AC Asphalt Specialists is proud to show our logo on our machines because we work with the best. Our trucks, pavers, and asphalt equipment are among the industry leaders for efficiency, technology, and performance. Because we own the equipment, we take good care of it, giving our customers the added assurance that our equipment is well-maintained and therefore, less likely to malfunction, break down, or cause delays.

“Specialists by Reputation” is the motto at AC Asphalt, and we’ve built that reputation over the past 30 years in business. AC Asphalt Specialists has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2013 and has earned an A+ and 5 out of 5 star rating. We take pride in the knowledge and experience we’ve compiled over the past three decades and the first-rate asphalt machinery we’ve invested in. We take pride in the trucks that bear our name and logo.

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About Us: “Specialists by Reputation,” AC Asphalt is a locally owned and family operated asphalt maintenance and installation company serving residential and commercial customers in Northeast Wisconsin.