Paver laid repairs vs. cookie cutter repairs

The target milling on the left was paver laid for a smooth surface while the infra-red repairs are a series of cookie cutter heats 5′ x 7′ linked together. Also target milling can do a seam as narrow as 18″ inches wide to odd size repairs as well as entire roadways for parking lots. A repair might be as small as 2′ x 2′ and a heat with burn the asphalt to a 5′ x 7′ size that will destroy the integrity of the asphalt around the damaged area. Again this picture is a side by side picture of a series of infra-red heats on the right and our method of target milling on the left. Both performed within 2 weeks of each other over 12 years ago. Property owners are now finding out there is a much better method of asphalt repairs at a comparable price.

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